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Phone & Data Points

We can install additional Phone and Data points for routers, handsets, smart TV’s or WiFi Extenders.

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Lighting & Ceiling Fans

Save power and update the look of your home with LED lights & new Fans.

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Secruity Systems

POE Cameras & NVR’s, Coax Analogue Cameras & DVR’s we can install almost anything…

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Air Conditioning Installation

Heating or cooling, we can size and install or replace any split air conditioner to suit your needs.

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Comfort & Cooking Items

Such as Fan/Heater/Light combination devices, heated towel rails, Oven & Cook-top’s

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Power & TV Points

We can install a TV & Power point and hang the TV, or Weatherproof Power points for outside.

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Smoke Alarms

New QLD Legislation requires Smoke alarms in many new locations…

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Much More!

Many more services – see the menu on the left or click link below…

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