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Power & TV Points

Extras and Replacements

Extra power points are often needed after moving into a new home, you can plan as much as possible but it’s not until you move in that the need for extra points becomes apparent. We can help with all aspects of additional points with many years experience adding power points and other points like data and TV to existing finished constructions.

Extra Power Points

You may need a weather-proof power point outside for the new pool pump or the beer fridge. We also often add power points for TV’s in bedrooms with free-to-air TV points. You may possibly need an extra power point for the vacuum in the hallway, a lamp, or electric tooth brush, or even swap a single power point for double power point. there are too many reasons for extra power points to list but if you need it we can do it.

Our years behind us has given us the experience to add extra power-points without requiring repairs to existing walls and painted surfaces. If its impossible to do hidden wiring or if some access holes would be required, we will discuss this with you before continuing the job.

TV Points & Home Theater

There is no better looking entertainment system than a TV on the wall with no cables showing. The clean look can take a lot of effort to get cables in place without damage to painted surfaces.

We are able to mount your TV, install power points and TV points behind the TV so they are hidden and also install signal cables in the wall, such as HDMI, Display Port and Optical cables etc..  This could be done in a dedicated media room, in bedrooms, outside under the patio roof, and in the lounge room. If you have a smart TV it can be connected to the internet via a data point or WiFi depending on the distance from your router.

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