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Comfort & Cooking Items

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Comfort Items can include the following – Fan Heater Lights, Heated Towel Rails, Air Conditioning, Exhaust Fans, Ceiling Fans & Sensor Lights

Many electrical appliances can help us feel more comfortable in our homes and create an environment so that your family and friends can relax and enjoy each other’s company.

In the Bathroom

Im sure you have experienced the same – you jump in the shower after a long day at work, get nice and warm, then jump out to a cold room!

Fan-heater-light combination fittings for bathrooms and ensuites provide heating to keep you comfortable during cold winter nights. Steam extraction via the inbuilt fan helps by reducing moisture damage to painted surfaces from excess steam and moisture build up.

One thing to note with fan-heater-light combo’s is that they are not designed to heat the room, but heat you. To save power, only run them when you’re standing under them.

Heated towel rails are another popular addition to bathrooms. They keep your towel cozy, warm & dry while you bathe or shower. There is nothing better than a nice warm dry towel on those cold winter nights.

Fan Heater Light Combo’s heat you & remove steam from the room

When installing an exhaust fan, we always like to position it away from the shower. If positioned over the shower it will create a breeze and make you cold. This usually leads to exhaust fans not being used, which then creates condensation on the walls, damaging painted surfaces and encouraging mould growth. To ensure the use of an exhaust fan, we can connect it with the lights.

In bedrooms and outdoor living areas:

Ceiling fans provide comfort by creating efficient air movement right where you need it while keeping fresh air circulating. On warmer days, you can save on your electricity bill by running a ceiling fan rather than an air conditioner!

Ceiling fans have a reversing switch for summer and winter, but this is really only for rooms with higher than 2.4 meter ceilings. In winter, heated air rises and collects above us, by putting your fan onto reverse you can push the hot air down without creating a draft. Smaller rooms don’t see the same benefit, as they heat and cool easily.

Outdoor areas can be used all year round, especially if you have outdoor heating. These outdoor heaters require a separate circuit due to the power rating of the devices. This is well worth the effort as you can use the area all year round without swapping gas bottles that are used in outdoor gas heaters.

Sensor lights are also a dual purpose item that we install often. When installed near the front door, they provide security by turning on when someone approaches. They also light the way for you when going to the car or taking out the trash. Another area they can light up is the pool area or backyard when the kids are playing outside.


Cooking appliance sizes have now been standardised to a degree in residential homes. Most common hot plate and oven units are around 60CM or 600mm wide, which has made purchasing a new unit much easier for you, the customer.

We rarely come across situations where the opening in the bench needs to be cut larger, so if your existing appliance is the same size, it will normally just drop right back in where the old unit was.

Induction Cook-tops generally draw extra power, but in shorter bursts which means they are more efficient. They essentially turn the pan into the heating element, which is extremely efficient as there is no heat transfer other than into the food.

The only downside is you may need a larger cable to power them. Contact us to assess your existing circuit to see if it would be sufficient to support an Induction Cook-Top. If needed we can quote what is required or upgrade your circuit to allow for an Induction cook-top.

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