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The NBN can be quite confusing. What type of service do you have to your premises, what happens with the copper phone lines in my house? Why is my speed slow or internet dropping out? We can help.

NBN Connections

The NBN has multiple different ways of connecting the internet to your home. For instance, most new homes have Fiber to the Premises, or Fiber to the Curb. Some homes will have Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) or Fiber to the Node. As a result the connection from the street can differ. Fiber to the Premises has no copper coming from the street, but there may be Data points going into the house for your WiFi modem. If the data points are not in the correct place, we can add a data point where it is convenient.

Fiber to the curb and Fiber to the Node will have copper coming into the home to the first Telephone Outlet, where a modem will connect to the service in the street and provide an internet connection. HFC will have a NTD (Network Termination Device) that uses the same cabling as Pay TV (coax) from the NTD you connect a network cable to your modem, and then your PC via WiFi or hard cabling. HFC dropouts or bad speeds will need to be investigated by your provider and in turn NBN Co, as it is part of a complex network.

Home Phone points and the NBN

The copper lines coming into your home were once used to provide telephone services. With the NBN these copper lines no longer will have a dial tone. If you previously had a Home Phone number, that number will now be provided via a socket at the back of the modem.

If you want your phone number available in the other points in your house, we can turn on the by connecting the modem PSTN Jack to the other points in the house. That way you can use the existing phone points throughout your home, but for telephone calls only.

NBN Dropouts and Cabling issues.

Connections that use the copper wiring into your home are susceptible to dropouts if the existing cabling has bad connections or multiple telephone points still connected.

For the best speeds and results, there should only be one outlet for the modem to connect to, and the newer type RJ12 connector rather then the old flat 610 connection. This will ensure you will get the best, most stable connection to the NBN network. We can assist with diagnosing your internal cabling if required.

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