AS3000 Wiring Rules for electricians new edition 2018

Oh boy…. New rules means lots of study for us here at Gold Coast Sparkys.

This new version was rumored to be released in 2016, but as the industry was changing so much, it was delayed until the draft was released in 2017. After the comments had been made by contractors around the country, the final and new version of AS3000 was released.

The changes include new requirements for safety switches to be installed on every circuit in new construction, alterations where the change is not “like for like”, and for switch board upgrades where all protective devices are changed. Changes have been made to the zoning of cooking equipment and the clearances for electrical socket outlets and switches. There are changes to our earthing system and its requirements, changes to how we run cables thru the ceiling space to reduce damage and risk of electric shock.

An Addition to the rules is for electric vehicle charging stations, as they are high-current and merit special attention.

There is a 6 month transition period from 26th June 2018 from the old rules & there are over 100 changes and new rules in this edition of AS3000 so we are busy checking all our work procedures to ensure we fall in line with the new changes.