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Solar can save you a lot of money in the long term, but if your system isn’t performing as you expect, there may be underlying issues hindering the performance of your investment, lets take a look at the common faults we can diagnose

Dirty Panels

Solar panels are normally maintenance free other than becoming dirty from lack of rain. The panels have a coating that assist in cleaning during normal rain periods. Sometimes they require cleaning due to bird droppings, placement, or other environmental factors . If your panels become soiled, due to mold build-up, bird/bat droppings, or lack of rain, you may need them to be professionally cleaned. We don’t offer cleaning services, but we do inspect the condition of the panel’s to see if there are any other underlying issues as you will see as you read on.

Solar Panel Faults

Solar panels are strong and can withstand some harsh weather like small hail, but they can still be damaged by large hail, being stood on, and bad installation practices. The solar cells within the panel are extremely thin, and as such too much pressure will break them. This results in what is called ‘snail trails’. It is a general consensus that these don’t hinder performance, but that is only subject to the break location and the severity. The other issue that can arise with panels is when the backing deteriorates to the point where it no longer keeps moisture of the panel the panel and a ‘ground fault’ develops causing the system to shut down. The solution to this problem is to replace the faulty panel as they cannot be repaired. We can diagnose your under-performing solar system by doing a visual inspection and instrument test procedures to locate faulty panels, deteriorated wiring or other issues.

Solar Inverter & Associated Cabling

After diagnosing the panel condition, either via visual inspection or instrument testing, the next point of call is to make sure the solar Inverter is operating correctly. Often we have come across solar inverters that have a faulty relay inside, which causes it to display errors such as: relay 1 fault, or a Error Code which relates to the relay being at fault. These often can be replaced, at a quarter of the price of a new inverter. Sometimes there is an error on the inverter which reads something like “Ground Fault”, “Low Rise” or “Isolation Fault”. This could be due to damaged cabling or faulty solar panels. We can diagnose and repair any of these errors, and give a system report as to its health. Errors such as “Missing Grid”, or “Grid out of range” could possibly mean the solar circuit breaker is turned off at your main switchboard

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