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Wiring Installations and Replacement

We have been assisting Gold Coaster’s for the last 40 years to make their dreams a reality. Weather your project is a simple renovation, or a full blown rewire, or new construction, we have the experience to find a way to get it done.

New Houses

It can be a very exciting and stress-full experience building a new home, but seeing your hard work and effort come to life has no equal. We enjoy helping our clients to design the best electrical system possible, with suggesting good placing for switches, lights, power points etc.. this way you don’t need to change what you have when your project is completed. Our experience has taught us what works best in new homes, including where to put two way switching for convenience.

Our business was built on the experience of many years in the construction of new homes on the Gold Coast. That experience still stands by us in all aspects of our work in new construction, renovations, and additional electrical work. Whether you already have your electrical plan set out or need advice, we will consult with you to give you the advantage of our 30yrs plus experience in wiring homes.


In many cases, a renovation can be a much larger task than to build from scratch. More times than not, the best option is to strip out the existing wiring where you are renovating as the additions, changes, age and condition of the cabling means it is best to replace with fresh cabling. This ensures your new project isn’t hindered by any old cabling that could require replacement or repair due to faults.

In very old buildings they have old rubber cable (VIR), which MUST be replaced, it is dangerous, and the insulation will most likely have cracked or fallen away from the copper inside. Please be careful when starting a renovation on a old house, to be safe have an electrician come and disconnect or inspect the wiring before you undertake a renovation.

Often renovations will require new cabling to be installed for new appliances etc.. This may mean your main power cables may need to be upgraded also, due to the increase in power usage. With the new rulebook AS3000:2018, if we add or make changes to a circuit your circuit protection will need to be upgraded to RCD or RCBO safety switches. Call us to assess your current switchboard and recommend if it needs to be upgraded.

Example of VIR (rubber) Cable that requires replacement due to unsafe and ineffective insulation

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We work so well as a team, you may be surprised the job is done so quickly. We look forward to working with you.


Having the right tools for the job ensures you get quality workmanship. We have kitted ourselves for every service we provide, and if need be, we hire the equipment needed to ensure safe & quality results.